Monday, July 04, 2005

G8 Summit News and Information

As the G8 Summit takes place in Gleneagles, Scotland this week

you can find extensive background information and analysis at the following websites:

G8 Information Centre

An information resource run by the University of Toronto library and the G8 research Group.

Information in French, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese as well as English.

Global Campaign Against Poverty

The Global Call to Action against Poverty is a worldwide alliance committed to making world leaders live up to their promises, and to making a breakthrough on poverty in 2005.

It is an alliance between a range of actors around the common cause of ending poverty: existing coalitions, community groups, trade unions, individuals, religious and faith groups, campaigners and more. Contains links to all countries involved in the Mke Poverty History Campaign.

With links to national sites in major world lanaguages.

Eight Women, One Voice

A unique presentation on Guardian Unlimited, with photographs, personal testimony, sound and video. Gideon Mendel worked with ActionAid to profile 8 African women whose lives have been profoundly affected by some of the key issues the G8 has it within its power to control.

Africa Vox

An initiative of the Panos Institute London. Every day this week a team of African journalists is filing news, views, and interviews from the G8 Summit. Visit this website every day till Friday 8 July to get an African point of view on events as they unfold.