Monday, July 04, 2005

African Community Radio Covers G8 Summit

Montreal, 28 June 2005. The World Association of Community Radios (AMARC) is using its Simbani Africa news service to bring reports of the G8 summit to community radio stations in Africa and worldwide. Simbani Africa correspondents, Chris Kgadima of South Africa and Fatoumatta Drammeh of The Gambia, will be among the team producing Make Poverty History Radio. Make Poverty History Radio is an FM and Internet radio station launched to mark the Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh.

The Simbani Africa correspondents will be producing reports throughout the G8 Summit for distribution to the AMARC network of community radio stations. As part of AMARC's involvement in bringing African voices to the G8, the Simbani Africa team are also gathering African testimonies to broadcast during the G8 Summit events and which will be available online at

Make Poverty History Radio will be available to community radio stations in Europe, Africa and Latin America through the AMARC (World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters) network. To listen to the broadcast go to: (click on the Make Poverty History banner).

Make Poverty History Radio is an initiative of the Make Poverty History campaign in partnership with the Community Media Association and Edinburgh's Telford College community radio station, ETC FM