Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Radio1812 marks International Migrants day

Radio 1812 is an initiative launched by December 18 in 2006. It is a global event that brings together migrant groups and radios from around the world to produce, broadcast and share programmes celebrating the achievements and highlighting the concerns of migrants worldwide.

Making migrants voices heard is the common thread throughout the activities that will take place during the week of 18th December, International Migrants' Day. And this is precisely what is at the heart of Radio 1812: a global radio event that celebrates International Migrants' Day.

Radio 1812’s website home page functions as an “à la carte” menu for the rest of the site, highlighting the exciting things happening on the site, the most interesting audios, the thought-provoking issues discussed or presented on the site, how to remain informed through our RSS feed and mailing list, and much more… The home page also brings you a world map featuring the radio stations taking part in the event