Monday, June 11, 2012

II World Forum of Free Media

The II World Forum of Free Media will be organized in panels, free debates, workshops and plenary sessions planned for Rio de Janeiro.

Hundreds of representatives of free media are getting ready to go to Rio de Janeiro, in June 2012, to help to prepare the Peoples’ Summit at Rio+20, a parallel event to the UN Conference on sustainable development. They will work to spread the voice of the people gathered at the Summit, who instead of talking about the management of the environment by economic power, will speak about the ways for the environmental and social justice. These media have their own agenda within the Summit, where they will meet to hold the II World Free Media Forum, besides covering the activities and the themes of Rio +20.

What are free media?
Committed to the fight for free knowledge and for alternatives to the models of communication monopolized or controlled by economic power, free media are those that serve communities, social struggles, culture and diversity. They use licenses that favor collective use and not corporate business. They share and defend the common good and freedom of expression for everyone and not only for companies that dominate the sector. They understand communication as a human right and therefore they want to change communication in the world.

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