Friday, January 30, 2009

Asia Pacific Rice Film Award 2008/09

The aim of the Asia Pacific Rice Film award is to showcase RICE in a creative manner by focusing on any or all of the “Five Pillars of Rice Wisdom”. – Rice Culture, Community Wisdom, Biodiversity Based Ecological Agriculture, Safe Food and Food Sovereignty.

The Asia Pacific Rice Film Award will be presented to creators of short innovative television, video or cinematic films that effectively educate the public on the role of rice in cultures, economies and communities/societies in Asia Pacific. The films should use the Five Pillars as the guiding principles. They should reflect any or all of the following aims: instilling an appreciation of the rice heritage of Asia; raising public awareness of the issues on and threats to rice; highlighting the role of small farmers and women in rice; strengthening the people’s resolve and action to save rice; and encouraging a stronger role for youth in rice.