Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ethics and Human Rights in the Information Society

The French Commission for UNESCO in cooperation with UNESCO and the Council of Europe is organizing a European regional meeting on the « ethical dimensions of the information society» in Strasbourg on September 13 and 14.

This European meeting is the third in a cycle of regional conferences by UNESCO on the ethical dimensions of the information society linked to the World Summit on the Information Society.

It will be structured around three main pillars: (i) analysis of the opportunities offered by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs); (ii) side-effects, negative impacts and possible conflicts of interest, and (iii) recommendations with the aim of contributing to Internet governance founded on the involvement of all stakeholders and the sharing of responsibilities.

The meeting will present and discuss concrete experiences, usages and existing regulation in order to highlight, analyse and better understand the positive and negative effects of ICT use and the tensions between rights, freedoms and values. It will also consider the issue of security and the question of the governance of the Internet.

Source: UNESCO Communication and Information