Friday, December 30, 2005

The Role of Media in Conflict Prevention and Peace Building

The Institute for Media, Peace and Security at the University for Peace has published The Role of the Media in Conflict Prevention and Peace Building, a course manual that includes a syllabus, teacher's manual, detailed structure and suggested readings.

The course contains ideas, theories, examples and case studies, and analyzes the crucial issue of the media's role in conflict and peace. According to the Institute, “It neither blames the media for starting and fueling wars nor promotes them as potential peace-makers. It simply sees the press as a uniquely powerful echo chamber of competing realities”.

The authors are : Clyde Sanger, Ottawa correspondent of The Economist, and Alvaro Sierra, deputy editor of the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo. Both of them are Visiting Professors in the University for Peace in subjects related to media, peace and security.

The manual can be downloaded free at